Brazil, Minas Gerais – Light Roast
Brazil, Minas Gerais – Light Roast Brazil, Minas Gerais – Light Roast


Smooth and mild. This coffee has a sweet and delicate nature. Substantial body, mild acidity, and a sweet, nutty chocolate finish.


Coffee was introduced to Brazil by way of French Guiana in the early 18th century in the region of Sao Paulo. In a short time, coffee cultivation had spread through the rest of the country.

Now the three main coffee growing areas in Brazil are Sul de Minas – in the southern part of Minas Gerais, Mogiana, and an area called the Cerrado several hundred miles north of my Minas Gerais. In contrast to other Latin American countries, the vast majority of the coffee farms in Brazil are large estate farms. This coffee is processed with a unique method. Instead of pulping and removing all of the mucilage (the fruity pulp surrounding the seed) only a percentage of it is removed. The coffee seeds are then sun-dried allowing the remaining sticky sweet mucilage to impart its own character to the coffee. Often referred to as semi-washed or pulp natural, this is a very labor-intensive process with a huge payoff. Pulped naturals are very sweet, complex, and their flavor profile cannot be matched.